Some Great Reads for the Creative Mind

I’ll admit I’m a fan of Disney, specifically the work of the Imagineers- those men and women who took Walt’s ideas for a theme park that could be enjoyed by both kids and adults alike and made them reality. I’ve had a thing for Imagineering since I was very young — around the age of 6 if I remember correctly. My family made the long hour and a half trek to Disneyland from San Diego, and I remember being completely impressed by the shiny white architecture of Tomorrowland, and even had a picture of myself with two “astronauts” — a man and woman in white space outfits and big dome helmets. It was so cool.

I already had an affection for mid-century architecture before I realized it, and this was the epitome of where mid-century design was going to go in my mind. I hadn’t known about the Imagineers until watching an episode of the “Wonderful World of Disney” and Walt did a piece on them. It was then I knew what I wanted to be when I grew up (okay, when I became an adult…).

So, here I was at Disneyland, enthralled by Tomorrowland. Sure, the Imagineers created all the other areas of the park, but those were things that already existed somewhere. But Tomorrowland was something from pure imagination, and to me seemed to be a lot more difficult to create than the other “lands”.

In my ongoing quest to be an Imagineer someday, I came across some great books on Amazon, which I think are great resources for anyone who has any creativity within them. The first is “Designing Disney” by John Hench. A great book on how Disneyland was actually designed, involving show, character, color and story.

The next two books I recommend are “The Imagineering Workout” and “The Imagineering Way“, both great reads for anyone who has any level of creativity within them, needs inspiration, and wants to work out their creative muscles.

And if you know anyone high up in Imagineering, tell them I can begin working for them right away.

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