Concepts and Illustrations

 RunePaks Design Work (Industrial Design)

Concept Sketches- Robots

These are some rough sketches I worked on and wanted to share. The robot stuff was from a robotics company I was consulting with, who had been thinking about going to market with a product, and had the idea for a robot that picked up stuff around the house. I was busy doing UI work, but having some background in Industrial Design, I thought I’d come up with some ideas as well, which unfortunately I never got to share with the people in charge.


The house sketch is for a low-cost, open floor plan 400sf bungalow we’re looking to build on our property. The idea was to make it easy to build, being mainly 10×10 rooms, aside from the bedroom which is 10×12 to make some room for the only bathroom. The bungalow would use a lot of reclaimed wood as well as other materials, including the sliding glass doors and bathroom/kitchen fixtures. Overall cost to build material-wise is about $3,000, including the large deck. Labor wise won’t be much as we’d be able to build most of it ourselves.

Bungalow House sketch
Bungalow House sketch

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