3D CAD & Models

These are some of them models I’ve designed over the years – from mechanisms to props (both original and replicas), to concept automotive parts. If it’s been modeled, this is where you’ll find it. All of these were designed first on paper or in Photoshop as a design check, then modeled in Autodesk Fusion 360.

X-Wing Motorcycle

I had the crazy idea one day after an annual R2LA (a get-together for SoCal R2D2 Builders), to turn my Honda Rune motorcycle into an homage of Luke Skywalker’s X-Wing Fighter. I drew it out first, then did some Photoshop compositing, and and finally built full-scale models of the engines and laser cannons. The bike was then wrapped vs. paint, engines mounted, and I’d call it almost done, as I never got around to mounting the cannons… yet.

Back to The Future Wormhole Emitter Replica

It just so happens that I’m a big Back to The Future fan, and have a DeLorean. One of the things that bugs me about the replica prop builders community is how much some folks charge for a replica piece – being that there aren’t any real world surplus parts available to build a part, like they did for the movies. One of those pieces is the Tachyon Field Generator aka Wormhole Emitter, that sits on top of the car. I modeled one, based on photos and measurements of the actual prop, down to the tiniest detail and measurement, because detail is very important to me…

Back to The Future Time Circuits Box

Another Back to The Future Prop – this being the iconic time circuits keypad that Doc Brown used to punch in a date and thus send Marty back to 1955. The original prop was a TRW security keypad, which are next to impossible to find. I was able to get the blueprints from the movie, and then build an almost dimensionally accurate model, and then added in a circuit mount board in order for myself, or any prop builders, to easily add in the keypad, lights, speaker and buttons. I even created a “cut” version of the box, as was done for the movie version.

Star Wars G-Wing Fighter

Not based on anything other than my wild imagination – what if there was a smaller ship used by the Rebel Forces to help destroy the 2nd Death Star? I had read that the X-Wings were originally going to use Datsun 280Z’s as their bodies – so figured “what if a DeLorean was used as the basis for a ship?” And thus the G-Wing was born. The engine was modeled in about an hour, the cannon was from the X-Wing motorcycle project, and the rest all done in Photoshop, all in an afternoon.

Sneetch Rear Projection Device

While working at Storyland Studios, one of the more fun things I got to work on was to figure out how to add animated eyes to the beloved Sneetch’s of Dr. Seuss fame, for a big traveling exhibition. Of 16 total, I had to make 8 animated – and so designed this internal rear projection system using a pico projector, and then created 8 separate animated eye sequences – each with its own personality to bring life to each Sneetch….