Where are all the jobs?

As I mentioned in my last post, it seems like there’s not a lot of work to be had in sunny San Diego, Ca- my hometown where I grew up and have never left. In the past, there seemed to be tons of work in video production, multimedia, IT, the Web, etc.  Lots of very talented and creative people, and lots of work to go around.

However, it now seems to be not so easy these days to find good paying work in San Diego. Sure, most any San Diegan can tell you the pay scale here has always been a bit lower than other big cities due to what everyone refers to as the “Sunshine Tax”, but that doesn’t help in that the cost of living here is very high. Always has been and most likely always will be.

So, as I’ve been scouring job boards, Craigslist (yep, I’ve sunken to checking Craigslist), company websites- the fact of the matter is most all creative, IT, multimedia, video and so on jobs are north of San Diego, starting in Orange County and then getting denser the closer you get to LA. Even my wife who’s background in purchasing is finding that most the jobs for that are in about the same areas. Sure, I’ve found some great ads for jobs here, applied for them, sent nice cover letters, but never get a call back, and I think I’ve figured out why. Even though most don’t advertise what they want to pay for someone with say 10 years experience ( I have way more than that), some on Craigslist do say they pay $35-50k per year. So my guess is most the jobs I’ve applied for that seem like a perfect match won’t even consider me because they know I need more than that, which breaks down to about $20 or so an hour.

The big question is, how does anyone in San Diego survive on that, unless you’re fresh out of college (which means you don’t have 10 years experience), don’t have a mortgage, take public transportation, don’t have a family to support, don’t eat often, or have two or more jobs to make ends meet. Even freelance work which used to be in abundance seems to be far and few between as companies are cutting back on media production services for now. I’d be happy for now to be working a full-time gig at something reasonable and doing freelance work at night, which I used to do all the time. I would rather be working full time with a decent salary so I could be home to hang out with my wife and kids, help with homework, and enjoy evenings with them, but beggars can’t be choosers.

It’s either that or move to LA (or Orange County CA), which my wife and kids have agreed that we need to go where the work is, and trust in where God wants to put us. And to be honest, LA seems very exciting and I felt a very long time ago that’s where I’d eventually end up working.

In the meantime, I want to wish all of you looking for jobs the best of luck.

3 thoughts on “Where are all the jobs?

  1. It has been and continues to be, a pleasure to have you and your family close by.

    I have long been a proponent of moving; purely for the change, for the change of perspective. You meet new people, new types of people. The scenery looks different. The culture is different. You discover new things about the World and yourself. It rounds out the man.

    Good luck on whatever you decide to do.

  2. Yea,, I have a buddy in San Diego, he always wanted me to go there to live. but when I look for Jobs NOTHING at all comes up. Orange County is also in my sights, and of course the bay / silicon valley area.

    What gets harder is not having a completed degree, But I will not let that stop me. I also do have faith and know that I will get something worthy. ANd I will not stop looking .

    thx for your site and your rants.

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