Thanks to the Few Followers (and everyone else who might read my blog)

Hello new people who are now following my blog.  You are part of a small, but awesome group of people – as are those who don’t follow me but still read my random thoughts once in a while.

I appreciate the interest.

One thing you’ll notice about this blog is I don’t post too often. In fact I post only when there’s something worth posting, as words are very valuable to me.

For me it’s about quality vs. quantity, and always has been how I’ve worked since childhood. I want the best of me out there, and if that means even a few iterations, that’s still not too bad.

So, don’t expect to see a lot. But when something is posted, I promise to make it interesting, thought-provoking (hopefully) and even touches your emotions.

Ramblings of a mad man are to be taken both with some seriousness and a grain of salt. It is whatever you make of it.

Stay tuned…


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