Blogging and The Job Hunt

Hello to all of you who read my blog. To be honest, I really don’t know how many people read this, or if anyone actually reads my blog anyway.

Most blogs get a new post everyday- or every other day, or often enough to make it interesting to come to — at least until people read the newest posting by a blogger, and then, well, they move on. I don’t post often, even when I have plenty of time to do so (because I’m currently out of work — a prerequisite for multiple blog postings unless of course that’s one’s own job). I like to blog though when I have some really good or hopefully great idea. Something to share. Something that’s not ramblings or musings because I have nothing better to do than type out really random stuff.

Like the paragraph above. And on a more random note, I love using my iPhone and the WordPress app to blog, but only for short things, and this might take a while.

More to the point, this is about my current experience in job hunting, and where it is so far. I didn’t want to really have to go job hunting. I don’t think anyone does unless they really hate their current job, or boss, or co-workers. I liked where I was, what I was doing, my new boss, and my co-workers. Then the company decided to do a huge, pretty random layoff. That was on January 17th, and 300 people were let go. The company said it was due to us not meeting their standards. Our reviews the weeks before said we did, and even exceeded standards and expectations in some cases.

I don’t think people like looking for jobs because of the pressure, the interviews, the competing and not knowing where you stand during the selection process, getting turned down for what seemed like the perfect fit, and so on. Add in that there are things to deal with when being let go when you thought everything was just peachy, such as the shock of being let go (without any real warning), depression, anger – and then trying to pull it together for interviews.

So, for me, I experienced those and I don’t mind being honest because we all deal with those emotions. But I had (and still have) one glimmer of hope, which happened before being let go. The one company I dreamt of working for reached out to me, at 11:30 pm via email, exactly one week before the last day I’d be a UX designer for my employer. Imagine having tried numerous times during your adult career life to get a job with the one company you had seen yourself working for one day since childhood, then finally giving up hope that it would ever happen and letting that dream die, and a few weeks later they reach out to you.

A few days before being let go I was contacted by more recruiters, as well as even more after being let go. I told them the company I had dreamt of working for was interested in me , and they still are as far as I know. They haven’t called or emailed to say I’m no longer being considered, and my last call was that after a bunch of interviews that they want me on the team. Now it’s just a case of waiting to meet with the VP to see what job he’s considering me for, since it turns out there was more than one opening.

From what I’ve heard and understand, this company can take a while to getting things like this done. It’s been almost 2 months since I started interviewing with them. I remember when I was at Northrop Grumman that we lost a lot of good candidates because it took management too long to make a decision, and thus they had to start all over again.  The thing is I’m willing to wait, because this is my dream job. But as more recruiters call and make offers, good offers, I don’t know how much longer I can wait. Unemployment doesn’t pay much, and we’re on one income with my wife working, so things are getting tight.

So, if you happen to be the recruiter for the company of my dreams, or know her, can you let her know how badly I want this job, and more important, I can’t hold out much longer? I have a family to support and they’re all behind me on working for you. Please don’t let this dream die again.


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