Fireplaces- Bringing Modern to the Great Outdoors

So, yes, it’s been a very long time since I made my last post to my design blog. Between my day job doing user experience design for a local education technology company (can’t name them or the social media police from there will bug me about it tomorrow), enjoying quiet time with my beautiful wife and kids – we got rid of cable TV once and for all, which I highly recommend to anyone who wants to retain their sanity; and working on my full-size replica of R2D2 (see my progress, which needs to be majorly updated as well at my droid build blog), I haven’t had time for this.

But I do right now, because my wife showed me an ad in Better Homes and Gardens for some very cool outdoor fireplaces from Being that we’re both into mid-century modern and the whole aesthetic of it, and are working on turning our 1958 California Ranch into what’s called and Atomic Ranch but with updated materials and construction techniques, one of these would go very well in our outdoor patio:
Modfire outdoor orange fireplace.

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