God is Good

I just wanted to let you know how good God is. It’s amazing when we pray for Him to open doors, and close any that He doesn’t want us to go through. For the last number of months I’ve been praying that, and there have been jobs that seemed perfect but I never got a chance to even interview at, or made it so far then He shut that door (Disney), and others that seemed like a good fit as well, but again the doors were shut. It seemed like it would be a while before any other doors would even open.

What’s amazing though is how blatant He can be, especially when we ask Him so we know what He wants. Back in November I had gotten a call from 3 different recruiters for a contract job at HP, doing product design (which I love, but never did as a career) – namely interfaces for their new web connected printers. After that, things pretty much died down, and I thought that I wouldn’t hear anything since the 1st recruiter said they were going to move and hire pretty quickly.

Being that I didn’t think it would be a door God would open, I sent an email off this past Monday to a recruiter at Disney about a job I applied for. Shortly after, I prayed about if He wanted that door open or not, and if so to either keep it open or shut it. Within minutes I got an email saying I wasn’t selected. A few minutes after that I got a call from the recruiter for the HP job, and they wanted to do a phone interview with me the next day (Tuesday this week). The interview happened, and it went okay, but I felt like it wasn’t great.

Yesterday I emailed an old friend about a job he had told me about, which he recommended me for, and shortly found out that the job had been filled as well. It would have been a very cool job as well, using the talents God had blessed me with over the past 30 years (video, multimedia, audio production, interactive development).

Within minutes of receiving that email, I got a call from the recruiter for the HP job. They expressed to her that they really wanted me (!!!!!). So now I’m just waiting for all the paperwork and hopefully will be starting soon.

God is good!!

I hope each of you have a blessed day, and know that God will always bless us with what He feels is best for each of us. We just have to trust in Him, always, even when we feel He’s busy doing other stuff. In this case He was busy getting everything ready for this opportunity, knowing my heart and something I’ve been wanting to try for a very long time.

Be Blessed each of you.


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