God is the Greatest Designer — Ever…

God is a great designer
God is a great designer

Being that this is a blog about design, I thought it only fair to give credit to one of the greatest designers in all the universe – God the Almighty. For years people have been talking about intelligent design vs. random design. I think the photo above pretty much sums up the fact that there is indeed intelligent design, and that no matter how good an artist or designer is, they could never come up with the beauty God designs and delights us with each day. We are blessed to live where we do in order to get such great displays of color at the end of each day, and from our front porch no less.

Think about it, most designers do everything they can to mimic nature — designers try to mimic the smooth flowing lines of insects (the VW Bug is the perfect example), fish, water mammals, etc. Nature in all it’s splendor is perfect design, and we as designers will always try to mimic it one way or another. All the stuff I’ve discussed in past posts all has something to do with the perfection of nature, and the way God designed us.  There’s a reason the number 3 is prevalent in everything we design, why color theory exists, and why clean and simple works in almost all perfect designs.

So, here’s to our Almighty Father in Heaven. May we always be inspired by his perfect designs.

2 thoughts on “God is the Greatest Designer — Ever…

  1. Amen to that! It’s baffling to me how people can look at something like the proportions of the human body or the design of a leaf and think it’s random.
    Very awesome post, but I wish you elaborated more on things like the Golden Ratio, or the geometry of atoms and molecules. Designers don’t always realize just how much of their inspiration comes from nature. Great job! =)

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