Website Design Part 3 – When big sites won’t work

I’m going to keep this pretty short and simple. Any website should work once it’s launched into the real world, especially if you’re company is a multimillion dollar entity whose online image affects their own bottom dollar.

Case in Point: Sony Electronics. More to the point, there online job search, or careers section. There were a few jobs there I’m VERY interested in, so I pop on over, put in what I’m looking for, what state, what city, click Submit — nothing. No response. No turning wheels, no progress bar in the browser, Nada, zip, zilch.

Now, to be fair, I’m on a Mac. I tried Safari, then Firefox. Still nothing. My guess is they developed the site in Windows, tested in Windows, and left it at that. Which my second guess is they’re only looking to hire people who use Windows.

I’d like my friends, or those reading this, to try it on Windows and let me know if my assumption is true by going here: Sony Jobs. If it only works in IE, then I’m stumped. The positions are for designers – one is an associate Creative Director, another for a senior designer. I’m guessing there are more.  What stumps me is that the majority of people in web design, marketing design, advertising and so on, use Macs.

What this also tells me is they need way better web people who know that Windows users aren’t the only people using the web.  I used to work for the company that contracted with the County of San Diego on their website. When I came on, the requirements were to make the sites only compatible for IE 5.2 then eventually IE 6. So, any San Diegans who used Macs that needed County based services (like paying taxes online, getting property information, or checking on current votes during an election), were pretty much considered second class citizens. That is until enough complained to elected officials. Then the county sites became Mac friendly, in order for those officials not to lose the valuable votes.

Now if could only get big corporations to feel the same way about consumer’s dollars that elected officials feel about citizen’s votes when it comes to the web.

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