Motorcycle design part 1

I love motorcycles. Actually, I love any vehicles that are nicely thought out in design, both in form and function. I had been riding dirt bikes since I was about 10 years old, and though I’d see a cool street bike (cruiser, chopper, or crotch rocket) every now and then, I really didn’t want one of my own — until a few years ago when I was at the local shop looking for my son’s first dirt bike. Sitting in the front of the store was this HUGE black and chrome beauty with swooping lines, lots of chrome, an art deco style radiator shroud akin to a 1930’s Cord 810, a swept rear fender, and a saddle you’d find on the finest thoroughbred race horse. On the seat was a huge sign “Do not Sit on Bike”. So I asked my manager buddy if I could. “Yep” was the answer, and a year later I had a candy black cherry beauty in my garage. 1835 CC engine, lots of cool, people always come up to ask what it is, etc. Honda made it for only 2 years between 2004 and 2005. They haven’t topped it since. 2004 Honda Rune


2004 Honda Rune

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