A Small Introduction

Being a designer by nature, among other things, I like seeing new design and old design, but no matter what, I like really good design. My favorite style for the time being is mid-century modern, both in architecture as well as in commercial graphic design. To be honest, that’s always called to me since I was a young child born in the early 60’s, before I even knew what design was. I think good design can be used anywhere, from places we eat, places we live, images we see, to products we use everyday. In this ongoing blog, I’ll be showing some of the stuff that really turns me on design wise, and once in a while point out designs I’ve found where I see things that can be improved upon. My background covers 30 years in design, from graphic design, to film, video, web, interactive multimedia, videogames and now products. I’ve seen a lot, designed a lot, and most certainly learned and matured a lot as a designer. You, the reader, are always more than welcome to comment on my thoughts, my designs I post once in a while, and general musings I make. Keep in mind the language here will be professional, no need to be mean, no flaming- just a good discussion on design. If you know of or see something you want to share, please do by all means!


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