Website Design — Chevy’s Transform Your Garage

I just got an email today from Chevrolet to enter their “Transform your garage” contest. In it you can win one of two Chevy vehicles, including a Camaro or Corvette  — the only reasons to really enter IMO. So I clicked on the email and was transported to the site here: Pretty slick site as can be seen in the screen grab, including an animated Bumblebee from Transformers.

Chevy Transform Your Garage site

Nicely done Flash piece but with some minor flaws. First, the images of the cars on the right scroll up and down so you can select your two cars. Good idea, but if you roll over a car just wrong, it pops up the description, and then leaves you there so you really can’t scroll up more or down to see the cars off screen. Second, when getting to the part to fill in your information to enter the contest, they present you with a standard pop-up calendar to enter your birthdate. I ended up having to hold down the left arrow button to scroll all the way back to 1963 for the year, which took a while. It was only after that I noticed the next entry field that let me select my birth year. They should have gone with 3 drop downs- Month, Day and Year. Simple enough.

Lastly, the biggest flaw, which isn’t related to the site’s design — they don’t offer as part of the sweepstakes to really have one’s garage transformed. I was kind of hoping that meant new shelving and storage, a cool checkered floor, insulation, good lighting, a nice work area — something worthy of putting a new Camaro or Corvette in….

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