Website Development — Joomla

I really like working with new technologies, whether it’s design related, a new TV, a cool watch, or when the iPhone came out. Also, when there’s new bells and whistles with some software I typically use that makes it more robust and makes my work easier – i.e. more efficient in the long run, I’m ready, willing and able to take on the new learning curve. Almost.

To be honest, I like change, that is once it happens. Sure, I’ve been known to effect change in my workplace and even in my own personal life. But when it comes to learning some new software feature, I tend to procrastinate. “Do I really need to use the new feature?” I ask myself. As I see other people learning and using it, I finally decide to jump in and find out that it wasn’t all that hard to learn, and once I do, it becomes a tool I use daily and even ask myself how could I have lived without it?

So, now I have to learn Joomla. I had heard about it a while ago, downloaded it, kind of played with it, then went on to other things. Now I have a freelance gig that is kind of relying on me learning Joomla to some degree, though I’m being hired to be a project manager (or what they call a web producer), and designer.

I have to learn Joomla to see if that’s the way we need to go on the project — it has a lot of very cool features and extensions; also because the main programmer won’t have enough time to do all the programming, thus I’ll need to do some of that as well. My thought is to find a pre-made template from someone like, then modify that to my design. So, I get to design, manage, and program. The company who is hiring me also mentioned Drupal, but for now I’m staying with Joomla. Wish me luck.

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