Music to Design By — Muse

Yes, two posts in the same day- amazing. Back when I was studying architecture (yes, I studied architecture in college thank you very much), we used to listen to a very soothing music program that played at night on the local PBS station called Hearts of Space. Those of you who have listened to it know that it does help set one’s mind in the design mood.

However, being a fan of mid-century modern, and thus the styles of the time whether that be architecture, graphic design, advertising, clothing — nice suits, polo shirts with slacks; pretty much what we wear now in the office except on casual Friday’s; and even the music, I do have a favorite band I’ve been listening to lately. If you haven’t heard of Muse, then I suggest you listen to at least one of their songs — I recommend “Super Massive Black Hole” as a starter.

Though modern for today, there is a lot going on in their sound that is reminiscent of the early 70’s bands. They kind of remind me of groups like Sweet,though other people say they kind of sound more like Radiohead (mid-80’s band). In either case, their music is pretty cool, so if you get the chance I’d recommend checking them out on iTunes. Though they’re not 60’s sounding, they do make me think of cool mid-century modern (and up to mid-70’s design) like sputnik lights, fiberglass chairs, ball or egg chairs, and so on.

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